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Breakfast is served in the Honeymoon Kitchen from 07.00 am until 10.30 am or the comfort of your own room. 

Check Out
Check out is 12.00 hours. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests for a late checkout. Otherwise, a 50% charge will apply for 18.00 hours. Late checkout and 100% charge after 18.00 hours.
The Reception can store your luggage if necessary. If you require a later check out or wish to extend your stay please contact Reception.
How to open our shutters
Our teak shutters require special attention. If you wish to open them, the locks are in the corners of the window frame and need to first be pushed up in order to open. Otherwise please contact our receptionist for assistance. Must be shown in the room – the guests continually find this difficult.
Cribs / Cots
Are available free of charge upon request based on availability.
Are available for an additional charge of IDR. 120.000.
In-house guests receive a special 10% discount at Casa Luna Restaurant, Indus Restaurant, the Casa Luna Cooking School and the Emporium that will be given you at check-in. Please ask our receptionist for a discount card. – this absolutely must be provided and explained at check-in.
Do not disturb
When placing the Do Not Disturb sign on your door please also inform the receptionist that you wish full privacy. Please advise when you wish to receive calls again or change the sign on your door.
Gifts or In-room Surprise
From birthdays to anniversaries or honeymoon celebrations, we can assist with any arrangements or gifts. For special cakes, the Honeymoon Bakery is just next door to the hotel!
Our Housekeeping team clean your room from 10 am in the morning, daily. Please feel free to contact reception if you need your room cleaned at other times and we will try and oblige.
Laundry Service/ Dry-cleaning
A Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Service is available daily. Please leave your laundry on the bed in the laundry bag for the Housekeeping to collect and you will receive your freshly cleaned laundry by 6 pm the following day. If you require your laundry back the same day, please return the Laundry & Dry Cleaning List to Reception before 9.00 am. Laundry bags as well as the price lists are in your main wardrobe.
Restaurant and Room Service
Is available from 7:30 to 22:30. The menu can be found in the information folder.
Aqua Refills
In an attempt to reduce plastic waste on the island, we have provided aqua dispensers in your room. Please refill at your need. When shopping please say no to plastic bags and take a cloth bag with you.
Airport Transfers
Airport transfers are available upon request, Ngurah Rai International Airport is about 38 km away from the villa and it takes up to an hour and a half by car. If you would like us to arrange, we are more than happy to help. IDR 400.000 net/car/one way with comfortable capacity 3 persons and luggages.
Money Changers
Please be extremely cautious when exchanging foreign currency. Many “Authorized Money Changers “display high exchange rates to lure you into their shops. Once inside, you can be tricked and short-changed. Some of our guests have been short-changed from IDR 200.000 over one million rupiah. Please be careful! We advise our guest to take note of the following: 1. If you choose to use their services, please count the rupiah carefully. 2. Never be distracted by their accomplice who strike a conversation while you are counting the rupiah. 3. Never respond to a call or turn your head. Keep your eyes on the money while counting. 4. Observes the hands & body movements of the “Money Changer “facing you. 5. If a stack of rupiah falls off the table, don’t bother to recount. Just leave the premises. Our recommendation: 1. Change your currency from a reputable bank 2. Only use an Authorized money changers and bring your own calculator 3. Always re-count your money before leaving the money changer 4. Passports are only required for changing Travelers cheque therefore leave your passport secure in your in-room safety deposit box when changing cash.

Please keep your room door closed at all times to avoid mosquitoes entering.

Please make sure to lock the door when you leave the room.

Please contact guest services for any assistance required.

Children using the swimming pool must be accompanied by parents.

Please leave your passport in the room or safe.

Please be aware of the plastics problem and always bring a filled water bottle with you. Take a shopping bag with you and say no to plastic bags. 


In respect to local costume and culture, other guests and the family temple in the grounds, please do not hang wet clothes on or over the balcony. We have provided a clothes wrack in each room.

Guns, knives or any other dangerous items are forbidden.

Please do not eat mangoes or durian in the room.

Please don’t use our bath mats for mopping the floor.

Please don’t leave any food open in the room to avoid insects and animals.

Please use appropriate swimwear in the swimming pool area.

Soap and shampoo are forbidden in the swimming pool.

Pets are not allowed in the hotel area.

Women may not enter holy places or temples when menstruating.

Don’t give or receive with your left hand and avoid pointing at people with fingers or toes.

Fire Safety & Evacuation
It is important that you read and understand the fire safety rules and familiarize yourself with the nearest emergency exit.
For emergencies, please stay calm and go to the reception for immediate assistance. There is information about potential volcanic eruptions and earthquakes at the front desk.
Valuables and Theft
Please store your valuables in the safety box available in the front office. The Management is not responsible for the loss of cash or valuables unless it is stored in the safety box. For theft, the Police will be contacted immediately.
Doctor on Call
Doctors are available on request. For urgent matters please contact reception so we can provide a vehicle to take you to the Hospital.
Riding a motorcycle
Always wear a helmet, as well as, shoes and socks when you are riding a motorcycle
In Indonesia, drugs are taken very seriously and punishable by death. Be safe.
Drinking Water
Do not drink tap water. We have provided aqua dispensers for your convenience.
Please wear respectful clothing at all times.
Money Changer

Change your money at authorize money changers or Banks.

If you are sick be careful buying local medicine as it sometime not appropriate for your condition.
Street Food
Make sure you know what you are eating and that the preparation is hygienic to avoid illness
Be careful when getting tattoos as some tattoo artists use textile chemicals which are not suitable for the human body.


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