In house beauty treatments

Embark on a journey to sensory heaven in the comfort of your own room. Select one of the following treatments and allow our trained beauty therapist to transform you into a gracious goddess. Our staff will help you with appointments.

Traditional Javanese Lulur

This is a traditional Javanese exfoliation and body-polishing ceremony that has been practiced by the royal princesses in the palaces of Java since the 17th century. This luxurious ritual involves a well-being massage and exfoliation scrub of fresh turmeric root, red rice, tropical magnolia and ylang – ylang, followed by yoghurt polish and exotic jasmine flower bath.

IDR. 350,000 ++| 1hr 30 mins

Balinese Boreh Spice Ritual

Boreh is a traditional healing scrub, blended by the “ibu” or mother of the family to warm and relax the body. This treatment helps relieve headaches, arthritis, muscular aches, whilst boosting circulation and softening the skin. We use an ancient recipe of deeply warming and fragrant fresh spices, including cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. To complete this treatment, we have included a well-being massage and soothing exotic frangipani bath.

IDR . 350,000 ++ | 1hr 30 mins

Aromatherapy Facial

This therapeutic deep cleansing facial combines pure tropical ingredients such as lemongrass, avocado, ylang-ylang and Aloe Vera with essential oils. Specialized Balinese massage movements of the face neck and shoulder, help stimulate and oxygenate the skin, whilst bringing the body and mind into balance.

IDR . 300,000 ++ | 1 hr

Anti-Aging Facial

Take your skin on a journey of total renewal with an aromatherapy facial that includes vitamin C concentrates to rehydrate and revitalize the skin, followed by a herbal seaweed face mask and exotic anti-wrinkle moisture cream for dry skin.

Rp.400.000 ++ | 1hr 30mins

++A 10% service charge will be added to your bill

Therapeutic Massage

Tension Reliever

Our creatures designed techniques of short time massage for relieve stress of the modern life (back shoulder and neck massage).

IDR. 150.000 ++ | 30 mins

Aromatherapy Ritual

Experience our luxurious aromatherapy massage, blending ancient wisdom, modern relaxation and the healing scent of warm essential oils. Enjoy the power of plants and flowers, while skilled hands melt stress, revitalize energy, and induce pure inner peace. 

IDR. 350.000 ++ | 1 hr 30 mins.

Lomi-Lomi Massage

Enjoy the experience of a traditional Hawaiian massage right here in Bali. Fragrant oils are used while gentle pressure is applied for increased flexibility and range of motion, your body awareness will become alive and you will be left feeling completely relaxed.

Rp. 250,000 ++ | 1 hr


Balinese Massage

Is unique of technique massage, using very gentle massaging essential oils. Into your muscle, to relieve pain, tension and improve blood circulation.

IDR . 250.000 ++ | 1 hour

++A 10% service charge will be added to your bill

Foot Reflexology Massage

Based on reflexology technical to improve blood circulation, to relieve stress, tension and fatigue build stronger body resistance, relaxing experience.

Rp. 150.000 ++ | 30 mins

Aromatherapy Massage

Experience the ancient art of combining the sense with touch, essential oil of plants and flowers, a gentle effective massage to reduce stress, energy and induce relaxation.

IDR. 350.000 ++ | 1 hr 30 Mins

Reflexology Massage

Followed in the traditional of the body centre, this classic massage makes you feel great! These massages use rhythmic strokes to promote improving circulation induces relaxation.

IDR. 300.000 ++| 1 hr

Stone Massage

This unique massage uses a combination of hot and cold stones. Enjoy the sensation of hot stones gliding over your body, melting tension and fueling you into a state of deep relaxation. Cold stones relieve pain, inflammation and stimulate blood circulation. Influenced by the North American Indians, this massage offers the ultimate in relaxation and healing.

IDR. 400.000 |1 hr 30 Mins

++A 10% service charge will be added to your bill


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