Join Janet DeNeefe on an adventure to the fabled spice islands, from Ambon to Banda Neira, Eastern Indonesia. We sail on a teak Phinisi Boat and spend 9 unspoiled days trekking, snorkelling, exploring, swimming, dining and absorbing the history of this fascinating part of Indonesia.
Day 1. 

We meet at the Natsepa Resort in the morning and then explore the local market. After our market tour we set sail from Natsepa across the Ambon Bay towards the open seas making new friends and sharing stories in the beginnings of a voyage like no other.

Day 2. 

We arrive at the small, picturesque island of Manipa and visit a distillery for Kayu Putih (eucalyptus oil) and then witness the art of making sago. A cooking class will be held on deck at lunchtime, using spices, fresh fish and ingredients bought at the market. Afternoon is for snorkeling and relaxation. The cocktail hour follows with a discussion about the region’s history, and then, a lavish dinner under the stars will be presented by Janet DeNeefe and team.

Day 3.

Begin the day with followed by a cooking class on deck and a visit to Nusa Laut, the smallest among the Lease Islands, where clove, nutmeg, cinnamon trees and sago palms grow in abundance.

Day 4. 

Exploring Saparua, a former Dutch stronghold in colonial times, with a fascinating history. The historic Fort Duurstede, located in the heart of Saparua, was established by the Dutch East Indies Company in 1691 and is now a museum that tells a tale of colonial rule and freedom fighters. The village market, nearby, will be explored and provisions bought for lunch and dinner. Snorkelling in the pristine waters of Molana Island will follow.

Day 5. 

We arrive in the renowned Banda Archipelago, a network of small islands that were once the world’s only source of nutmeg and mace. The Dutch secured the coveted nutmeg trade in the 17th Century, thus, changing the course of Indonesian history, but not without resistance.

Despite their illustrious history, the Banda Islands are a place that time seems to have forgotten. We will anchor in Banda Neira the only city in the Bandas, and spend the morning in this charming colonial-style town.

Day 6 -8.

These days will include a visit to the other islands of the archipelago, namely, the tiny island of Run – which the English traded with the Dutch for Manhattan – as well as the islands of Ai and Hatta, where we will see what remains of the Dutch colonial houses and land parcels known as ‘perken, which were handed to Dutch planters, ‘perkeniers,’ to manage. We will see forts, churches, cemeteries and nutmeg plantations. Afterward we will also explore the pristine waters and bountiful reefs of the islands.

Day 9. 

After breakfast on the deck, and a wrap-up of our voyage into 17th century Indonesia, we will say goodbye to the crew before transferring you to Ambon airport for your onward travel.

Services included:

It includes 8 nights, 9 days accommodation, all meals, guides, cooking classes, snorkeling/water sports, non-alcoholic refreshments and park permits. Alcohol is not included.

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